Buyer Specialist

  • Brantford, Ontario, Canada
  • English
  • Full-time
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • DEBL-106AE-V3

Joining the Premier Tech Team means embarking on a unique adventure in an innovative and people-oriented international business.  


  • You have at least five years of experience in a similar role.
  • You are proficient in the principles of optimized production, or lean manufacturing.
  • You are a skilled negotiator, passionate about business relationships, and proficient in the fundamental principles of supply logistics.
  • You have great experience with seasonal businesses and products.
  • You have a special interest in our products. We are the proud owner of the national brands C-I-L®, Alaskan®, PRO-MIX® and Wilson®. Visit to learn more!
  • You like to juggle numbers, but also to plan and anticipate budgets and needs.
  • You like to interact with people and are comfortable acting as a facilitator.
  • You are at ease using Excel and ERP.
  • Your communication skills are recognized both verbally and in writing. French is an asset.

Your future work environment:

  • In our newly renovated and up-to-date workspaces, you will have no more gray days! Lots of light and open areas await you!
  • Our facilities promote innovation and cooperation.
  • One of our values is teamwork, so having fun at work is essential. Our TechCafé provides a welcoming place to chat over a good cup of coffee with your colleagues, whether the conversation is related to work, or of a more personal nature.
  • Premier Tech is also an environment rich with culture.  We like to highlight the work of our team members and our successes at various celebrations, one of them being our PT-SHIRT Day.  Several other events are organized by our social team.
  • With a flexible work schedule, we work to strike balance between work and home, allowing for an environment for both to thrive.
  • Opportunities for growth are within your grasp.  With several different roles, in different businesses, with offices located around the world, opportunities to grow are available if you want them.  Even if your aspirations are closer to home, several learning and growth opportunities are available to employees daily.  Ask about UPT!

Being a Premier Tech team member means playing with a global and diverse team.  We celebrate team wins, big and small, by valuing the role that everyone has played in it.

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