• Montgomery, Alabama, United States
  • English
  • Full-time
  • Production and maintenance
  • OUES2-103-V9

During your studies, did you have a preference for everything in a control panel, wiring and PLC? You still have a facility to do mechanical assembly? Can you tell the difference between a blue, yellow / green and red striped wire?

This reality could be yours ...

On the way to work, you imagine the perfect shift: you would like to work on a really special project. At the start of your shift, you're surprised, because your team leader has certainly read into your thoughts: he assigns you to mounting a 6 '' x 6 '' control panel. Your challenge: mount the panel from A to Z. Step 1: from the bottom plate, install the wire passes while following the electrical plan provided. And the steps follow one after the other. After 60 hours of work, your panel is finally finished and the I / O test (In-Out) is positive. You receive congratulations from your supervisor for your good work. 3 days later, your panel is installed on a robotic palletizing line. You notice that the whole electric aspect works perfectly because this control panel has been impeccably mounted, and you are proud to have contributed to it. In addition, this machine will serve to palletize your favorite hot sauce or your favorite BBQ sauce.

We can you say:

• You always have a wire stripper on hand;

• Allan Bradley, you know it's not a person's name;

• You like to assemble a mower, BBQ or any object that requires assembly;

• You did hundreds of hours of training to make your profession;


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