Application Engineer

  • Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
  • English
  • Full-time
  • Engineering and Design
  • IEG-014C-V1

Would you like to have a job in which you will actively contribute to the conception of projects sold to clients, to the validation of technical aspects, as well as the participation and finalization of the sale of high technology industrial equipment? A job in which your opinion and expertise really matter, and where there is no place for monotony? If yes, you are the Application Engineer we are looking for!

This role is very important at Premier Tech Chronos: you will be the technical expert supported many team members in the field of engineering. Your primary goal: to satisfy the requests of our customers while respecting the quality standards of Premier Tech. It's no coincidence that we are one of the largest manufacturers of industrial packaging equipment in the world! Our deep understanding of the real issues facing our customers and the markets in which we operate gives our commercial offers their relevance and allows Premier Tech to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Immersed in an innovative culture that emphasizes teamwork, you will work closely with both sales and engineering teams. Your role will be to ensure the planning and efficiency of projects sold in terms of quality, quantity, time, and cost of industrial systems and equipment



  • Support salespeople in developing solution concepts, sales, and start-up projects;
  • Select the solutions that best meet the needs of customers;
  • Evaluate costs in collaboration with engineering crews and suppliers;
  • Prepare and submit bids, budget forecasts, and follow-up while respecting deadlines and technical elements;
  • Convey the design and manufacturing mandates to the engineering teams;
  • Ensure communications between the client and the engineering teams;
  • Transfer the business and technical information to the project lead following the sale;
  • Ccollaborate with the sales team members to develop and sell products
  • Occasionally visit customers to support the sale of new equipment or to track a project.



  • You have a background in mechanical or industrial engineering;
  • You have experience managing projects or developing technical solutions;
  • You are open to traveling throughout the United States;
  • You know how to identify challenges and propose realistic and concrete solutions;
  • You are flexible and can work in an environment where priorities and challenges evolve;
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