After-Sales Service Technician

  • Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
  • English
  • Full-time
  • Sales, Service and Client Experience
  • SIRM2-112E

Please note that this position is based in Quakertown.

A more stable work schedule and a chance to leverage your exemplary customer service: that's exactly what awaits you by becoming an After-Sales Service Technician at Premier Tech Aqua!

No matter what your experience is, what counts is your passion to understand how things work, your curiosity, your ability to ask the right questions and above all, to reassure the customer.

In after-sales service, we excel in telephone diagnosis of technical problems encountered by our customers. It is with utmost importance that we support our customers in their questions about electrical components, pump systems or electronic specifications of their equipment.

This a golden opportunity – don’t pass it up!


Here is the proposed challenge:

  • Diagnose technical difficulties experienced by customers by asking them the right questions over the phone;
  • Use your knowledge of electricity, electronics, mechanics and hydraulics to identify the best solutions including those you will learn with us;
  • Put your analytical skills into practice with your team and problem-solving partners to make our customers happy!
  • Understand, reassure, explain, and train clients by answering their questions as best as possible;
  • Support the team by performing various administrative tasks.


Can you see yourself in this role?

  • You like to observe and understand how systems work;
  • Communicating and building trusting relationships with people is your second nature!
  • You like it when it never stops, and juggling several priority folders at once does not scare you;
  • You excel in the art of multitasking: typing on the computer while having a conversation with a customer on the line is child’s play for you;
  • You are curious and you like to get to the bottom of things;
  • Your written and spoken English is functional;
  • Do you have knowledge of electricity, mechanics or wastewater treatment? Fantastic! If not, with passion, everything can be learned!
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